Ron and Anne 4.0: First Night Apart

Ron was in graduate school when he and Anne married. One weekend, a student group they participated in held a state-wide conference. Being newlyweds, they weren’t particularly keen on attending. The students were mostly single and there would be no provision for married couples to sleep together. For the first time as newlyweds, they would spend a night apart. But being part of the group’s leadership team, they felt obligated to go.

When evening came on the first day of the conference, they said goodbye for the night on the steps of the girls’ residence. It was a long, fairly sad farewell for a young married couple. They could not enjoy the level of affection that they would have liked if they’d had any privacy. It was a good thing it was dark. Ron was having difficulty adjusting his pants as he walked away to the boys’ quarters.

Anne changed into her gown; for the first time since they were married, she was wearing her panties to bed. That, combined with looking at the empty bunk, brought home that she was sleeping alone. She suddenly felt very lonely and found herself longing for Ron’s touch. In a room with other girls, she was glad the dim lighting hid a blush creeping into her cheeks as she thought about what she wanted him to touch. Those thoughts combined with some really interesting daydreams were all she had as she dropped off to sleep.

Ron was no better off. He stayed up as late as he dared, talking until complaints from the other guys in the room made him turn out the light. The rest of the night he spent tossing in his bunk. It hadn’t taken long for him to get used to having his wife by his side, and not having her there was lonely, very lonely. He was glad it was just a day-and-a-half-long conference.

When Anne awoke the next morning, the thoughts from the previous night were still with her. She was as anxious as Ron for the conference to be over. She went into one of the showers to get ready for the day. As she turned on the water, she realized the shower head was adjustable from spray to a single stream. The last girl had left it on stream. Smiling, Anne suspected what that girl might have been doing and left it on stream. When she stepped into the stream, she let it hit her in a very interesting place.

Anne kept showering with the setting on stream, making sure it hit her just right as often as possible. She didn’t want to have an orgasm without Ron there, but it was hard. Finally, she finished rinsing and moved to where the water stream hit directly on her clitoris. It felt good—a little too good after the thoughts and daydreams of the night before. She began to imagine Ron touching her and felt herself building to a climax.

Then one of the girls waiting for the shower asked how much longer she would be. Embarrassed to stay there any longer, she switched the shower head back to spray to make sure no one would guess what she’d been doing and turned the water off. She was really looking forward to getting home.

An hour before the conference ended, one of the leaders came up to tell them that another couple, who was supposed to stay to straighten up after the conference, had to leave early. He asked if Ron and Anne could remain an hour or so after everyone left to pick up a bit before the cleaning crew came in that night. They would have liked to have declined. They had been planning to be the first ones out the door but didn’t feel they could refuse.

After the last attendee left, Anne started straightening the girl’s residence and Ron, muttering to himself, went off to work on the boys’ quarters. Anne was finishing her last task, tidying up the girls’ restroom, when she heard the bathroom door open. She was startled. Everyone was supposed to be gone.

In walked Ron. Anne wanted to shoo him out. This was the girls’ bathroom—boys weren’t allowed. But before she could say anything, he had her in his arms and his kiss was full of desire. His passionate hug and kiss felt so good that she ignored where they were and kissed him back with every bit as much enthusiasm.

Ron’s hand went up to her breast, and Anne stiffened. While the facilities were supposed to be deserted, they were still in a public girls’ bathroom. At any time, someone might have come back for something or one of the cleaning crew might come in early. Still, his kiss and his hold on her breast felt so good that she justified it in her mind as risky, but not too risky. They were still dressed. If someone were to walk in, it might be a little embarrassing, but if Ron moved his hand quickly enough, they might get away with it.

But then he slipped his hand down into the front of her shorts. The pressure immediately popped the top snap and the zipper came down almost of its own accord, causing her shorts to drop to the floor. Anne’s tension turned to panic. She began to stop him; she was standing there with Ron in the girls’ bathroom in just her panties. Anyone could walk through the door at any time. They couldn’t even pretend they weren’t doing anything.

Before Anne could object or try to stop him, Ron began to massage her through her panties. The memory of the sensation of the water in the shower came back. She stood there for a moment, just enjoying his touch. Then he slipped his thumbs in her pantie waistband and pushed them down to her thighs and out of the way.

She was bottomless in a girls’ restroom with her husband running his fingers through the short curly hair of her privates. It was terribly, wonderfully naughty. She was both frightened and thrilled at the same time. But desire trumped fear and she was past caring.

His fingers searched through her pubic hair until they found their way to her feminine lips and began to stroke. That was what Anne wanted. Even though her legs were bound together by her panties, she could spread herself a little by leaning against the sink and bending her knees to partially squat. It gave Ron room to trace her lips down to her very wet vagina.

Almost without thought, she reached over to feel his erection through his shorts as he drew his finger back up. As soon as he touched her clitoris, she knew she had her own little erection. She became just as aroused as she was before she had been interrupted in the shower. And then with a groan, Anne came. She came, pulsating intensely, with her legs shaking. By the time her contractions finally concluded, she felt exhausted. She just stood there supported by the sink to keep from falling.

They held each other for a few moments before Ron let her go, and she reached down to pull her panties and shorts up. He stopped her for a moment to take a long, slow look at her, then let her finish putting herself back together. They’d taken too much risk already. They both knew it was definitely time to go home.

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