Empty Nesters Finally (L)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A). It also describes consensual BDSM.

I’ve known my wife Mary Beth for almost 16 years.  We’ve lived together—along with her younger siblings—for the last 14 years; Mary Beth became their legal guardian at the age of 18, with support from me and the rest of our church family. Two years later, Mary Beth became my wife. Her brother Joseph (22) has been working as a mechanic and doing well enough that he is moving into his own place.  He has a girlfriend, and he wants to marry her. Her sister Abigail (20) has been off at college for three years now and will be home tomorrow for a three-week Christmas break.

The last few months have been crazy, to say the least.  There have been major changes at our church, including a new pastor.  My work schedule got intense with many long hours, and Mary Beth has been working as a traveling homecare nurse since COVID numbers started spiking again last fall.  She tends to the needs of the elderly who can’t get into nursing homes or get sent home due to restrictions and family needs.

We both love Abigail and Joseph, but we have so been looking forward to living as husband and wife ALONE for the first time.  We’ve struggled to make quality time for one another in these hectic times.  Last night, I told Mary Beth that I would bring dinner home, but I got stuck at work yet again.  When I called to explain, I could tell she was sad even though she said she understood.

I arrived home to find her in bed naked with three clothespins that she has really taken a liking to over the years. Her smooth pussy, huge tits, and sexy thighs were all covered in a film of her dried cum, and by the looks of things, she had worked herself over pretty good.  What a beautiful, sexy sight!

I undressed and lay down, pulling the covers over us and spooning up tight against her.  She moaned and wiggled back against me, grinding her tight ass against my cock, which stirred but didn’t jump right to attention as it normally would around her. She reached back and grabbed it, finding it only a little hard.

“Do I not turn you on anymore, Benjamin?”  I could hear the sadness and hurt in her voice.

“YES, baby! My love, feelings, desire, and lust for you haven’t changed at all.”

“You are working at your job and the church way too much; you can say no sometimes, you know.”  She rolled onto her back and started stroking my cock harder and faster. “You relax, and I’ll take care of you, baby.” As she worked to bring me to erection, she shared the latest family updates. “Abigail called. She got accepted into the Master’s Program for fall, but she has to start an Internship in the morning, soooooo she will not be home till the end of January.” A pause ensued while Mary Beth pulled and stretched my semi-erection, then she went on. “And Joseph is sleeping here for the last time tonight. So after work tomorrow, you will start your vacation, no ifs, and, or butts… hmmm, unless it’s my BUTT you are taking.”

Though it never reached full hardness, my cock erupted and my cum shot all over my belly and her tits and face. I gasped and moaned as I orgasmed for the first time in over a month.  Immediately after, I fell asleep, and when I woke, I saw dried cum all over me but not my wife.  She’d left a note on the pillow: “I got called in to make a couple of house calls. I’ll be here when you get home to start our vacation and life as empty-nesters.” We’ve always talked about being empty-nesters and what it would mean: I’d be able to take her at any time and any place in the house.

While tying up all loose ends at work,  I got a text from Mary Beth, a selfie of her in the car with her nursing scrubs pulled up and her bra cups pulled down, showing her huge tits and hard, swollen nipples.  Then came another showing her pushing her nipples in like a doorbell ringer.  In the next, she pinched and pulled them outward as far as she could. Her message read, “My nipples ache for you. I’m at Old Man Jones’ now. Bye, love you.”

I smirked. Old Man Jones, the horny old man that she says always peeks down her top, would get quite a view today. I got another text a while later, a selfie of her kneeling beside Mr. Jones. Instead of smiling into the camera, his cloudy eyes focused on the nipples clearly poking through her top.  This time, my cock responded like it usually did, hardening down my pant leg. OMG, what had gotten into Mary Beth.  Just when I think she can’t surprise and amaze me more, she does.

A while later, I got another text as I walked to the truck: my baby in the car with her scrubs pushed down her ass, her legs spread to show me her smooth, glistening pussy. “Fuck, I’m so horny for you, baby. Come home and take me.”

I made the hour drive home in nearly 45 minutes. Entering through the garage into the kitchen, I heard a soft, sexy jazz mix playing. Lights from the Christmas tree glowed from the family room, and I stepped in there to see Mary Beth on her knees in front of the tree with a large red bow tied around her. From her tits hung a gift tag, and her arms held out another package toward me.  As I stepped in front of her, she didn’t move or look at me.

I pulled off the tag. It read, “Mary, your personal FUCK TOY. I am for your pleasure as you choose. I never say no!”

Mary Beth still doesn’t move.  The package she holds is labeled, “Open First,” so I do. Inside are four long, red silk scarfs; a ball gag; and three strong, spring-loaded clips that have rubber pads with sharp little nubs, all connected with chains and a loop. Next, I pull out a riding crop with a leather keeper on the end. There’s also a flogger, a simple cock ring, and a studded cock ring with a sleeve.

Lastly, I find a wrapped box with a tag that says, “Key and operating instructions.”  I rip it open, and the instruction sheet says, “Insert key and use but don’t abuse.” I remove the tissue paper and pull out a huge butt plug.

The box held everything we’d talked about over the years, and her playing as a doll signaled her total submission.

I adjusted my hard cock and knelt before her. “Let’s get a better look at my ‘FUCK TOY.'” I took her hands and pushed them down to her lap, then untied the bow. Gasping in appreciation of the beauty beneath, I pinched her nipples incredibly hard, which usually has her writhing.  “My, what big tits, and the nipples feel so real!”  I felt her shake a little, but she still uttered no word, let alone a scream. “Now where does this key go…” Rubbing the tip against her unresponsive lips, I pulled her chin down to open her mouth and played as if to push the plug between her lips. Then I grabbed her hands and pulled her forward onto her hands and knees and stood to walk around her, admiring her sexiness.

“Too bad you’re just a doll; I’d love to be married to a fuck toy that’s as hot as you. Now about this key…” I slapped her ass bare-handed and hard, but still got no response from her. By now, the scent of her arousal had grown strong, so I knelt behind her and spread her legs. “Mmmmm, a self-lubricating toy!”  Rubbing the butt plug up and down and all around her slick pussy, I coated it fully with her juice.  Then I slid it up till the tip pressed against her asshole.  “I hope this is where it goes,” I said aloud and slowly began to push it in.

This new size had to be stretching her, and she trembled a little, but still made not a peep.  Pulling her roughly by her hair, I brought her upper body upright so that I could see her reaction in the mirror over the sofa; though I stayed in character, I didn’t want to take this game too far. Leaning down to kiss the back of her neck, I whispered, “You know the word.” Through the reflection, I stared into her eyes with love and lust as I push the butt plug into her ass until it closes around it, holding it secure.

I guess the “key” turned on the voice box; Mary Beth screamed out, “OOOoooh, FUuuuck!” over and over. This was the biggest plug she’d ever bought, and it surely filled and stretched her to the max; she couldn’t possibly close her legs comfortably. As she knelt there with her knees spread wide, her pussy dripped onto the floor. “What is it that my man wishes of his FUCK TOY?”

I removed my tie, placed it around her neck, and tugged the end to snug it down. Mary Beth reached up and squeezed my cock through my slacks, but I shoved her hand away.

“Did I tell you to touch me?” I took one of the red scarves and went behind her, telling her to give me her hands.  Then I wrapped the scarf securely around her wrists.  After removing the rest of my clothes, I stood naked and throbbing, harder and thicker then I’ve been in some time.  My precum dripped all over as I knelt in front of her with the spring clips and chain.

“My wife loves clothspins, but I see that you like a little more,” I said as I squeezed her tit and clipped one end of the chain to her huge nipple.  The sharp points dug in, making her shudder and scream out, “Please, no,” while tossing her head back and forth. For a moment I thought she was “tapping out,” though she didn’t use our safe word. So I paised, but soon I knew differently.

“Please, don’t stop, sir. Give me more.”

“That’s my girl.” I smiled as I squeezed her other tit and clamped its nipple too, eliciting another squeal. Then I told her to lie back and helped her not to fall. Still on bent knees, she stretched back and spread open, and I rubbed her hot, wet pussy, making her grind.

“MMmmmm, you want to be fucked, don’t you.”

“Yes, p-p-please fuck me.”

I chuckled. “In due time, my love, in due time.” I squeezed her pussy hard and pulled back, making her clit pop up.

Then, as the sharp nubs of the third clamp tightened against her clitoris, she yelled and thrashed some more.  Her pussy spasmed, and sweet nectar flowed from it.

I tugged lightly at the chain connecting all three points of pleasure/pain, watching her back arch.

“P-p-p-please, sir, FUCK ME, TAKE ME, USE ME goood. Oh, please!”

I release the chain and stood over her where she sprawled on her back with her feet tucked under her and her knees spread wide. She moaned, panted, and begged with her words, eyes, and body as I looked down. Smiling, I shook my dripping cock, flinging precum across her face, and she eagerly licked it off her lips.

Next, I squatted beside her and help her to a kneeling posisition, then pulled her to her feet. She was so overtaken with lust and sexual desire that she shook; I’d never seen her like that before.  She moaned as she stood, open-legged, with the butt plug inside her tight ass.

“Close your legs,” I told her.

“Its tooo big; I can’t. ”

I bent down, grabbed the riding crop, and brought to her lips, telling her to lick it and get it nice and wet.

Eagerly, Mary Beth licked and sucked the leather keeper.

“Now close your legs,” I said again and smacked her ass with the wet crop.

She yelped and jumped forward, her eyes pleading with mine. Having put herself totally at my will, her body responded to my commands with ecstacy. Her pussy juices continually flowed, dripping and running down her legs. She gasped and shook with pleasure as she obediently closed her legs, squeezing her hips and pelvis and asshole tightly around the butt plug.  Her eyes started to flutter and roll back, but I caught her before she passed out.

As she trembled in my arms, I untied her wrists and looked to the wall, where a large metal hook once suspended a hanging chair. I swiftly pressed her against the rough brick wall and lifted her arms up over her head, tying her wrists together over the hook. Now her weakened knees wouldn’t make her fall.

I leaned in and kissed her passionately.  “I love you, Mary Beth,  more than I ever thought I could love anyone.” Then I started tugging the chain again as she thrashed and moaned.  “And I really LOVE that I have an amazing wife and incredible FUCK TOY. ”

Stepping forward, I let my cock head rub between her closed thighs. She tried to open them, to lure me into her recesses, but my feet on the outside of hers held her legs closed. I pulled the chain as far as I could without yanking the clips painfully off her.

She begged, pleading with me to FUCK HER, but I walked over to retrieve the cock ring.  Stepping in front of her, I unsnapped it and closed it around my balls and cock.  I gasped as we both watched my cock veins pulse and my cock swell a good inch thicker.  Mary Beth stared in amazement.

“Open your legs.” She opened wide with out hesitation, and I pressed up against her. Our eyes locked.

I lifted her left leg and wrapped it around my waist, and my cock head pressed against her hot, soaked pussy.  Then I grabbed her right leg and wrapped it around me too. She cried out in ecstacy as her weight allowed her to slide down my cock, stretching her pussy until it closed around my head.

The butt plug made her so incredibly tight. I held her hips and pushed her down, slowly forcing my cock further into her, and her pubic bone ridge ground across my head.  Her pussy squeezed me tighter than anything I’d ever felt. If I hadn’t paused right then, I’d have cum.

After we stood locked together a few moments, her panting began to slow. Then I kissed her, thrusting my tounge between her lips, and shoved her hips down hard as I thrust up into her pussy,  impaling her on my cock.

She shouted and shuddered, her pussy pulsing and cumming all over my cock. I felt her juice pooling behind the dam created by my cock and the butt plug.  The pressure must have been intense because she thrashed, trying to lift herself off my cock and begging for release. As I lifted her slowly, I felt the pressure start tovlessen, and when I pulled my head out past her pubic bone,  her juices suddenly released, squirtibg out hard around my cock.

Mary Beth’s eyes fluttered and rolled back in her head again as she went totally limp. My amazing wife and fuck toy had passed out.  So pinning her to the wall with my body, I untied her hands. Then I held her hips and let her weight take her body all the way down my cock again. She stirred, still dazed, as I carried her on my cock to the sofa and sat down with her on top. After a long, slow kiss, I whispered, “Fuck me. Ride my cock.”

Mary Beth slowly gained control of her body, lifting and falling hard on my cock. As she started moving harder and faster, I unclasped her nipples. The pressure of the clamps having numbed them, a sudden jolt of pain at their release made her shake and her juices flow again. I had never experienced this constant flow of cum from her before.

“Ooooh, fuccck. I’m going to cum, baby. I’m gonna fill your tight pussy. ” I twisted her nipples sooo hard, and she screamed when they slipped out of my fingers. My cock erupted, buried in her tightened pussy, pulsing, pumping her full.  She shook again, and I felt the pressure building as before.  I held her down tight until I emptied, then released her hips, and she slowly lifted off of me.

When my head popped out of her crowded hole, Mary Beth cried out, and all our mixed cum gushed out.  Then she collapsed on me, shaking and kissing all over my face.

My cock, pressed between our bellies, still throbbed rock-hard in the cock ring. Mary Beth kissed up my neck to my ear and moaned, “MMMmmmore.”

I thought to myself, “By the time I’m done, she might be thinking differently.” I slapped her ass hard several times; round two was about to begin.

To be continued…

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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Great story… perfect illustration for the story too! We have a tradition of making love under the Christmas tree lights every year.

    We are not into any kind of bondage etc. but you make us wonder if we should try some light bondage.

    We really enjoyed being empty nesters! There were times I was cooking & Melodie would walk into the kitchen in sexy and very revealing lingerie. And we didn’t have to send the kids to relatives for our under the Christmas lights lovemaking session.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    A little more pain than I would enjoy but sexy none the less. Her patient seeing her nipples got both of you very horny. Very understandable. Thoughtful of her to sext you and set herself up as a present. Sounds like your empty nest years will be full of pleasure. Surprising that adults sharing your home interfered with your sex life. I wonder if she changed over all those years you lived together.

  3. Ashlynn2469 says:

    MMMMmmm VERY VERY HOT!!! I am a work in progress due to my past. I was used for sooo long and enjoyed having my high sex drive satasified, but mostly at the expense of the man doing what he wanted. I am a sex addict and recovering drug addict. I am engaged to the man who saved me and brought me to the Lord. I am his first partner. We are growing a great life and amazing sex life. He understands my sexual cravings and is learning how he can feed my desires. We have been studying how I can be a submissive wife, something that he touched on in school. We are both learning how to submit to one another and how my giving myself to him totaly is the purest way to show my love to him, to honor and trust him as my husband. My surrender to him and his to me is sooo loving and pleasurable. There is a fine line between submission and abuse, and that line is not the same for everyone. There must be trust that the line will never be crossed once it has been defined. I've placed myslf in all sorts of situations for him to find me in and see just how he will approach me and the pleasure he will have experienced in me. I see a strong connection to your beautiful wife. Continue to love her, cherish her in her submission to you. Feed her well. I long for the day when Timothy will take my full submission.

    • hardhornyhusband says:

      Im sure he is scared because of the life you've lived. I am sad and sorry to hear of that. Just continue to do what your heart tells you, that's God speaking to you. That will reassure him, and he will hear God speaking more clearly.

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