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Quickie times two

My husband and I went to bed together.   I was laying on my back when my husband took my hand and slowly navigated it down to my pussy.   I knew that meant he wanted me to get myself wet.   He watched as I rubbed my clit.  I used my other hand to […]

Gone for the weekend

So I had to go out of town for a couple of days for work.  My husband stayed home and took care of the kids.  When I was set to arrive home, my husband was going to be gone taking one of our daughters out.  I was just exhausted from my time away, I couldn’t […]

The Day of Countless Orgasms! (L)

When we woke up Saturday morning at the same time, we started touching each other, and that led to about an hour of sex.  Wonderful, wet, intense sex.  It was an incredible way to start our day. With three kids in the house, I got up and started to get breakfast ready.  Our kids slowly […]

Make time for sex!!!

So…we have a lot of kids, we both work full-time jobs and have countless other things going on in our life, but we always find time to make love!!  Anyone that says they can’t find time for sex…simply doesn’t want to.  Our weekends are busy, sometimes I work, we shuttle kids around and have a […]

Monday Night Quickie

February 23rd I had worked a 12 hour day and my husband a 10 hour day.  We had put the kids to bed, had one beer and watched our recording of our favorite TV show.  We needed to go to bed. I needed sex…had been thinking about having him inside me all day.  I was […]

A Little Morning Head (L)

February 22nd I woke up early on Sunday morning, and I knew I wanted to suck my husband off.  So, I reached over to his pants and felt around for his package.  To my pleasure, it was already a little hard but could use some help.  I started rubbing over his flannel pajama pants. Then […]

By Myself In The Shower (L)

Masturbation isn’t new to me.  Ever since I can remember I have been getting myself off by “humping” things.  Up until the first time I was with my husband, I hadn’t told anyone about this.  The first night he and I were together after we had made love; I was still all hot.  Without even […]

The Beginning of Lent: Feb 18th (L)

So here our Lenten journey was before us. 40 days of sex or maybe sex 40 times during Lent or some sexual activity/escapade 40 different ways during Lent.  Let’s see where it takes us.  It was a mission that I was determined to complete and happily I had my husband on board. So, Wednesday Feb […]

Nothing Beats a Good Ole “69”

It started with me sending my husband this text “You’ve been on my mind all day.  Hope you ended up feeling better.” HIM: “I’m OK, just tired.”  ME:”Too tired for sex tonight?” HIM: “I hope not.”  ME: “Good because I have been thinking about having your cock in my mouth all day”. HIM:”Geez! I’m sure […]

Road Head

About a month ago now my husband and I found ourselves driving home in the middle of the night.  Just the two of us, no kids in the car and it was pitch black outside.  One of my fantasies that had yet to come to fruition was to give my husband road head. My husband […]