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We had been dating now for over two years.  Sure, that’s a long time, but we had both been married before. Neither of us anticipated of ever having to date again.  In our original marriages, we had each tried to do marriage our own way, instead of His way.  The enemy had won.  Thank God […]

House Husband

Being an established oral-surgeon, my wife’s earnings are much greater than mine will ever be. My contribution as a part –time accountant really wasn’t contributing much to the bottom line. My wife and I decided together I would stay home and be a “house husband”. That’s when our real struggles began. We both love the […]

First Love

It was Tuesday night. For years we had agreed that Tuesday night would be our evening at home together. You know, for us. Just us.   Something was different though recently. For years, Tuesday night had been the ticket for us. While all my buddies were complaining their wives didn’t put out for them like they […]

Back to the Basics

It was late August. The afternoon sun rays were once again warming our favorite sitting room loveseat. I really shouldn’t say “our,” as “we” hadn’t enjoyed each other in that loveseat for years. It had become just another piece of furniture. Only in late August did it become physically warm to the touch from the […]


Shortly after we were married, I begin learning about her hidden past. I remember the first time vividly. Pleasuring her orally was truly my only motivation. I thought she’d love it. Boy, was I clueless. After being cursed and thrown against the wall at the height of our lovemaking, I had purchased her several books […]

Bridge Memories

We had allowed ourselves to get into this rut. Sixteen years of oneness had slowly but steadily turned into “two-ness”. I don’t know how it happened. In the beginning, she had unexpectedly surprised me with this game she enjoyed playing with me when I was driving us somewhere. Every time we would drive over a […]

Outdoor Shower

She was off at one of her volunteer events again. Don’t get me wrong. I love that about her – her compassion. But, I was in the mood, and it had been several days. Earlier she had told me she wished we had an outdoor shower but was sorry we could never have one. Now, […]