69….. My favorite Number

Often times people will ask “What is your favorite number?”  I would probably say 8, but deep down the number that really comes to mind is 69.  It is the number that describes my favorite sexual act.  I absolutely love to experience a 69 with my husband.  For those of you who do not know what a 69 is or how you do it, this message is for you.

A 69 is when husband and wife please each other with oral sex at the same time.  The reason you call it a 69 is because that is exactly what it looks like when you doing it.  My favorite way to have a 69 is both of us lying on our sides going in opposite directions with our torso’s very close together.  I like the angle that his penis is in when we do it this way.  As soon as my husbands penis is in front of me, I can’t wait to surround it with my mouth.  I usually will start by licking around the tip and playing a little game of tease with him before I take it all in.  Meanwhile he has already begun licking my soaking wet vagina.  I love the way that he also uses his fingers to trace around the lips and slowly slide them in and out of me.

Once we have warmed each other up, it is time to really bring it on.  I usually involve my whole body in a 69.  I enjoy using my hands to caress his penis while my mouth is taking him to places that he will never forget.  I respond to him pleasing me by rocking my hips as he licks, sucks, and kisses me.  Sometimes I even moan with excitement which adds a little vibration to his penis which is in my mouth.

Sometimes we continue going until we have both climaxed.  Other times, I want him to take me almost there and then enter inside of me for the culmination of our sexual experience.  Regardless, it is always a great experience that I always look forward to.

So, if you want to try a 69, just remember to relax, open up, and enjoy.

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  1. LoveMySexyWife says:

    69 is my favorite number too!
    I love loving my wife by feasting on her adorable pussy – she is so delicious and fragrant I can’t get enough and would gladly eat her twice a day if she so desired. When she orgasms it is the most erotic sight imaginable. The intimacy of 69 is erotic, hot and simply irresistible. The variations of 69 are not to be overlooked – sometimes we like it slow and leisurely on our sides, sometimes I’m on top and it’s so different when she’s on top – her pussy lips and juices smothering my face … her beautiful clitoris seems to swell even more with gravity. When I’m on top she’ll exploratory play with my backdoor with her fingers or tongue exciting me even further. And just moving a little further forward or backward allow each of us to play with variation and surprises. Her fingers fondling my balls and gentle biting stroking licking sucking – all possible in 69 – me in turn tongue fucking the root of her clit, gently tongue stroking her inner and outer lips down to her taint and to her perfect rosebud. I love the visual in 69: while my tongue swirls and unpredictably plays with her clit her rosebud twitching swelling urging me to touch, penetrate with my tongue or fingers bringing her to yet another orgasm.

    What other position can I give my adorable wife the triple stimulation of one finger pressing and stroking her G-Spot, another fingering or penetrating her rosebud, while my tongue adores her clitoris? Triple stimulation to a real intense screaming orgasm!

    And as we suck, lick, stroke, tickle, bite and kiss our most intimate areas our passion and love for each other intensifies.
    When we are done with 69 we are so hot for each other it’s outrageous. My adorable (fairly reserved) wife gets almost frenetic in her hunger to have me inside her. By then her pussy is hot, wet and throbbing (from one or more orgasms). I slide so easily into her (BTW 69 or cunnilingus: the best cure for vaginal dryness – yes we are in our fifties). Her silky pussy envelopes my well stimulated cock (I swear it’s harder and thicker after her 69 love ministration). Our mouths and tongues intertwine sharing the pheromones of our love. Her hot throbbing pussy loving my cock in a most sensual way. She orgasms often and more easily after 69 sending a rippling love throughout my cock eventually leading me to an intense long orgasm.

    Our love consummated – we are now one … but it all started with the number 69!

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