Our First Year: Marriage Discoveries

Here are a few things I discovered during our first year of marriage. Hopefully, they inspire some creativity or memories of your first year of marriage. I intend to follow up with some stories related to these experiences. Please comment and let me know which story you would like me to write about next.
  1. Honeymoon sex was a great way to get to know one another, but also quite challenging. The lead up to the wedding exhausted my husband, so he found it difficult to stay erect. Even so, we enjoyed unwinding and exploring each other’s bodies.
  2. At the end of our honeymoon, we decided to stop at a picnic spot. We ducked behind some bushes and had our first outdoor sex. It felt exciting and adventurous.
  3. We decided quite early on that we were going to buy a clitoral vibrator. It has been by far one of the best things we purchased. Not only does it make warming up together so much easier, but my orgasms have been spectacular. I also like that I can use my vibrator to easily stimulate myself while my husband is inside me. It gives me a clitoral orgasm and makes our sex intense. Buy a rechargeable one if you plan to use it often. I got a cock ring to put on mine to stop it slipping out of my fingers.
  4. I am grossed out by sperm and cleaning up after sex. But I have found using a moon cup (sold for menstruation) a great way to catch the sperm before it dribbles down my leg. I insert it before I get up and can get to the lavatory without a mess.
  5. One evening we decided to carve a phallus out of a sweet potato and use it as a dildo. We slightly warmed it in the microwave, and it felt rather unusual inside me.
  6. I enjoy sex while camping – provided we are far enough away not to disturb other campers.
  7. Sex on a moonlit picnic bench was so hot, and my husband thought I looked gorgeous in the light.
  8. The best sex we had was on a tree trunk on a deserted beach while on holiday.
  9. For Christmas, my husband enjoyed unwrapping me from my Christmas ribbons.
  10. I enjoy reading MarriageHeat posts with my husband. It helps get me in the right mood for sex, and I want to thank all the writers of these hot stories.
  11. A brilliant low-cost present to give to your spouse is a set of five dice. Include a sheet of paper that explains what you have to do to each other with each roll. Such hilarious and saucy fun we have had with this! I posted the game on MarriageHeat for you to play. You can find it here.
  12. Having sex to film soundtracks makes sex more thrilling. Playing adventurous, dramatic and exciting music does wonders for getting you going. Sex feels like a great conquest where you are the heroes.
  13. We got more comfortable with oral sex and licking each other’s body parts using dark chocolate or honey.
  14. On our first-year anniversary, I dressed up in my bridal underwear and wedding dress. It was a great way to celebrate our first year together, and boy, did I look hot!

I’m looking forward to your comments, so I’ll know what to write more about!

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2 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Congratulations! Number 12 is one my hubby and I like a lot 🙂 Chocolate and honey, sounds yummy! Apparently chocolate is also an arousal enhancer! I sometimes have a little piece. Not that I need it that much, but still, i like chocolate! God bless you two!

  2. ArtRutherford says:

    I love your "discoveries". Me and my wife have been married 38+ years and we use do to a lot of those things. Have fun! Enjoy each other often and may God bless your marriage. (Wife does like to swallow on occasion and spits on other occasions.) We use a tissue to put my sperm in if I don't cum in her mouth or vagina. Just have lots of sex!!!

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