Your Fantasy, Our Reality

It is a lazy Saturday, a pleasant pause to their recently hectic schedules. Kostas is relaxing in their living room, soaking up the sun that is pouring in. He is in a reflective mood, thinking about life, his spirituality, and marriage to Opal. Despite the chaos, the couple always prioritizes God and prayer in their marriage. Those two things are what keep them together. It is not easy, but it is worth it—just like their wait for their wedding night and each other.

Kostas wonders what their first time actually felt like for her. He’d been attentive to her vocalizations about what was pleasurable and what was painful, but he can only imagine what she felt. Kostas imagines that, if he could switch bodies with his wife for just one time, he could better understand what would take her pleasure up a few notches. She always voices satisfaction, but he feels that he should forever be learning more about her physically and enhancing their lovemaking. When she’d been his girlfriend, he could not stop thinking of ways to wow and pursue her. Now having her as his wife, the chase was still on.

Opal enters the living room and immediately recognizes Kostas’ state of mind, his reflections so profound that he doesn’t notice that she is watching him.

“What is swirling around in that beautiful brain of yours?” she asks, offering him the glass of water that she brought for him.

He smiles at the beautiful welcome intrusion on his thought before replying, “Are you sure you can handle it?”

“Yes, you know we can talk about anything; no judgment,” she reassures, straddling Kostas’ lap.

“I do,” he says and rests his hands on the small of her back.

Taking a sip of his water, Opal is on the edge of her favorite seat, waiting to hear what Kostas had been contemplating.

“I was just thinking about how I would love to experience sex from your perspective.”

“Like switching bodies?”

“Exactly. I know it is a little weird.”

“No, not really. I mean, it is a bit peculiar, but we can’t switch bodies physically.”

“I know, but the thought of it is just enthralling.”

“I agree; it is interesting. If we could, what exactly would you want to experience?”

“The sensations felt by your body. I know what you feel like to me from the inside, but I don’t know the feeling of having a vagina and being full. How does it feel when I am in you?”

“I cannot explain it—but I do have an idea.”

“I don’t know what you are thinking, but whatever it is, count me in!”

“I knew you would be up for it,” she smiles. “Give me a few minutes.”

Opal makes her way to the kitchen to boil water for tea. Her tongue may not be as large as his member, but at least she can attempt to duplicate the warmth of it. Grabbing her drink, she hurries upstairs to change into her lounging lingerie. It’s sexy enough to get Kostas’ blood pumping but comfortable enough to relax in.

“Okay, are you ready, Mr. Experimental?” Opal asks, resuming her position after taking a sip of her tea.


She comes close to and caresses his face before whispering, “Here is what your tongue on my labia feels like.” She sticks her tongue out, tracing his lips with her tongue.

“And this is how your tongue feels on my inner labia.” She moves past his lips, running her tongue over his gums and the bottom of his teeth, clockwise and then counterclockwise.

Opal pulls her tongue out a bit and rests it in the space between his teeth and his lips for a few moments. “That is what your tip feels like when it enters me,” she murmurs against his mouth. Then she progresses past his teeth and all the way into his mouth, his tongue resting under hers.

Pulling back, she says, “And that’s how being full of you, all of you inside of me feels,” before returning to thrust her tongue in and out of his mouth in different rhythms, letting him experience how his strokes—deep and shallow, slow and fast, soft and hard—stimulate her.

As her tongue still moves in and out of his mouth, Kostas beginning to pant.

She says, “This is how it feels when you pound me and leave me quivering.”

By the time their tongues finish making love to each other, they are each gasping and groping at the other’s body through their clothes. Now instead of only their tongues dancing, their lips are too.

Pulling back, Kostas quickly scans the room for a flat surface to consummate this experience, while Opal goes for his neck and ears, nipping at them and gently biting. He settles for the floor since there is a nice plush rug on it; besides, it is one of the few surfaces in their house that they haven’t christened.

Kostas stands, his strong arms under her bum, and the two continue to kiss until he lowers her to her feet. “Meet me on the floor with nothing on. I am going to get a blanket so that we don’t ruin this rug.”

“Good idea; hurry up!” she replies, wasting no time in shedding her clothes.

Kostas can’t believe the sight to which he returns. His wife lies on her back with her legs spread, touching herself in all her naked splendor. In that position, combined with the fluffiness of the rug, she looks like an angel on a cloud. Who is he kidding? This life—the gift of marriage, becoming one flesh in such a pleasurable way, again and again—is like living on a cloud. It is a dream.

“KOSTAS, please hurry! I am aching for you!” Opal calls out, Her begging for him quickly snatches his attention from his daydream.

“So, will aching for me become burning for me if I leave you in this state?”

“You better not! Once you seduce me, there is no going back. Only you can cool the fire that you start between my legs,” she replies, getting up off the floor so Kostas can lay down the blanket.

“Seduced you? You were the one sticking your tongue down my throat.”

She doesn’t answer, instead grabbing his face, kissing him aggressively and repeating all her tongue action before breaking the kiss.

“And I just did it again.”

The statement and her smirk are too much for him. Before he knows it, her body sinks into the rug, and his member into her wetness. Thanks to lots of practice and a reservoir of knowledge about each other’s bodies, it doesn’t take long for them to find their rhythm. The unique song of their marital bed begins: the sounds of moans from their mouths and movement from their bodies.

As they near the edge, they attempt to ground themselves before their impending orgasm. Kostas’ hands find hers, interlocking with them, and Opal’s legs wrap around his lower back, intertwining right above his buttocks. They both climax, Opal first with Kostas shortly after, and their song hits the high notes as they each call out their other’s name.

For a few minutes, they don’t move. But as their bodies relax, Kostas’ hands release hers, and Opal’s legs unwrap and stretch. The song now comes to a close as breath slows, heart rates stabilize, and the sweat cools on their skin.

Kostas rolls off and lies beside Opal, snuggling close.

“Thank you for being open to trying things that are sexually out of the box.”

“Oh, Kostas, you are welcome! I am your wife, the woman who is supposed to support you sexually, and I enjoy it. Plus, it gives me the freedom to explore my kinkier tastes.”

“Yes, God knew what He was doing. Another woman would not have worked for me.”

“And neither would another man for me.”

“I am a catch, aren’t I? What other man would remember to get a blanket to preserve the rug when his wife is naked and passionately beseeching him.”

“True, I have to admit the blanket was an excellent idea. And I did get a little impatient!”

“You did, but I loved it. Back to exploring your “kinkier tastes”—do you have anything in mind?”

“Actually, I do! Now I want to know how it feels from your perspective when you enter me.”


After their ‘roll in the rug’ earlier, Opal looks forward with excitement to seeing what Kostas would come up with for her turn. How would he simulate switching bodies and let her experience sex from his perspective? She knows he will go all out, as he usually does; it’s one of the many things that thankfully hasn’t changed about him since they started dating. Besides his penchant for details, Opal always finds it interesting to see what his fertile imagination will invent. But she hypothesizes that the sensations felt by a husband’s penis as he enters his wife’s vagina might be a hard thing to approximate.

After cleaning up and eating lunch, Kostas and Opal go their separate ways. He runs a few errands, and she stays in to read and catch up on telenovelas. They reconvene later to cook dinner together. Apart from Opal internally writhing in anticipation due to Kostas’ refusal to divulge his plans, the evening passes like any other, with dinner and dishes.

“Dinner was superb, mi amor!” Kostas says, wrapping his arms around Opal and placing his head in the crook of her neck.

“I’m glad you liked it. We did a wonderful job, didn’t we?”

“We did! Do you mind staying down here until I come to get you?”

“Of course not! Does this have anything to do with my earlier request?”

Quizás sí, quízas no (maybe yes, maybe no),” he replies, going upstairs.

There isn’t much to get in order, but he just wants to up the ante. He turns on both the diffuser and the recessed lighting in their bedroom, two things that always put Opal in a relaxed mood. He focuses mainly on trying to give his wife the same gift that she gave him earlier: that of hearing your spouse’s desire, being supportive, and then working to make it a reality.

Opal has just finished looking through her planner when Kostas appears shirtless and looking gorgeous with a huge grin. He offers her his hand. “Mrs. Experimental, please allow me to escort you to your simulation room for the evening.”

“Gladly!” Opal replies as he leads her to their bedroom. She feels sure this means good trouble and pleasure-pain.

“So, I am going to sit here with my back against the headboard, and you are to sit in my lap,” Kostas explains as he begins undressing Opal.

“What about your pants, Mr. Mister?”

“I am leaving them on because I don’t want to distract you.”

“You are always one step ahead. Is that Ylang-Ylang I smell? Shall I sit in your lap facing you?”

“No, your back should be to my chest and your legs open like mine.”

“Okay, but I miss looking at your handsome face already!”

“Mrs. Ylang-Ylang, no more talking as the simulation has begun. I am the only one who can speak.”

Opal can’t help but smile to herself. She loves when the dominant side of Kostas arises, and he tells her what she will and will not do. Memories of their earlier love session and Kostas’ silence about his plans all day had her feeling wet and ready before the dishes were even dry.

Taking her left hands into his, he guides it to her left breast, saying, “The softness of your breasts in my hand is always a foretaste of your softness enveloping me when I enter you.”

Still working her left breast, he takes her right hand in his and guides her right middle finger with his into her inner labia lips. “Savoring this sweet spot before completely filling you excites me beyond measure,” he tells her. He pushes their fingers further, all the way in, and says, “This warmth is a wonderful feeling.”

Leaving her breast, Kostas takes their left hands to her neck and applies light, gentle squeeze. “Imagine this tightness and that warmth combined for a sensation that words cannot explain,” he says. He thrusts their right fingers in and out with varied paces and force. “I feel the walls of your vagina. It is a muscle that is strong yet so tender.”

As Kostas moves their left hands up and down her neck and continues to thrust their right fingers, Opal’s moans grow in volume. Kostas tells her, “This is where I come undone and succumb to the pleasure that only you can give me.” He guides their right fingers out of her wetness. They travel north past her belly button, in between her breast, up her neck, and into her mouth. Then they dip into his. “There isn’t a crevice or surface on your body that doesn’t taste exquisite,” he assures her.

Kostas releases her hands, and she attempts to turn around, but he has other ideas.

“The simulation is not over until the experience is consummated.” He turns to get two pillows. “You will lay on these pillows and watch as I enter you, thinking of all the sensations that I have just explained and imitated for you,” Kostas instructs.

At this point, they need no more words, just actions executed. Opal eagerly lies there watching as Kostas frees his lower body and his swollen member from the confines of lounging pants and underwear. He inserts the tip into her, then plunges all the way in and pulls out, repeating the cycle. She looks up from their oneness and sees that Kostas is watching himself enter as well. After a few seconds, he looks up too, and the two lovers catch each other’s eyes.

Unlike their earlier encounter, they go slow. Kostas is taking his time, and Opal is enjoying every bit of it. She feels content, knowing that he will lead their bodies to orgasm, and leaves the logistics of how quickly they get there to him.

Satisfied that he had been in and out enough times, Kostas removes one of the pillows from behind Opal and finds a consistent pattern of slow, deep stroking. Opal follows. He lowers himself, chest to chest, and presses his lips to hers. Their kisses up top sync with their bodies down below. He runs his hands along his wife’s sides, feeling the softness of her skin against the backs of his hands.

Her hands, too, move from squeezing his shoulder blades to feeling the tensing of his butt as he thrusts. This time, her legs don’t interlock around him but lie alongside his, tangling and dancing like their tongues were earlier. The song of their marital bed is at a slower tempo, and the crescendo comes as husband and wife stare into each other’s eyes. They once again cry out each other’s name, followed by “I love you” and “Te amo, tambien.”

“I am spent!” Opal breathes out.

“Which means I did a wonderful job of fulfilling your fantasy.” Kostas smiles as he replies, lying on his side, facing her.

“Yes, you did! Funny how your fantasy became our reality,” She quips back, rubbing her feet on his, interlocking hands and leaning in for one last kiss. “Good night, mi amor.”

“Sweet dreams, my love.”

Hey! As an Ignite member, I was blessed to preview and inspired by Horny GG’s Protected: Gina’s Magical Experience (L/A/F) and the comments about “switching bodies.” I had this thought of Mi SWRAPP and I doing this in our future marriage and thought it was only right to share it with those who inspired it. A huge thank you to the MH admins and MH married writers and readers who have made room for singles to explore their sexuality and write fictional stories that will one day be true.

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