Musings About Nudity

I greet all the MH community in peace and love, and I sincerely hope that everyone is safe in this perilous time.  And to those who have been affected by current events, I am keeping you in my prayers.

It is a blessing that while we may be stranded in our homes, kept from going to church and being able to fellowship together, we have a platform such as this to still keep in contact, worship the Lord, and talk about Him!

I wish to ask you all a question today that I have been musing on for quite a while, and I’d like to discuss it and see your thoughts.

As Christians, by definition, we are born again in the Holy Spirit of the Lord.  Throughout the new life that God gives us through Jesus, the Holy Spirit guides us into holiness and renews our minds to what God originally intended for us.  He reveals to us knowledge and love of the Father, which we would not have seen and known through our own merit.

Lately, I have seen some posts here where people have discussed nudity—particularly, nudity at home alone or with family and nudity in places such as a beach or nude resort.  I’ve also seen these discussions elsewhere, and it is actually an old topic amongst Christians, with some denominations or churches adopting nudism as a way of life/fellowship, etc.

My question is this: is this gravitation towards nudism in the Christian community a result of our minds being renewed?  God initially created us naked, and we were meant to live that way without shame.  Jesus took our shame away; He restored that broken link between the Father and us.  Is the shedding of clothes without shame a renewal of our minds?

I am always wary of making cut-and-dried statements about the Bible or the Father, which is why I like discussing things like this.  I know the Holy Spirit has revealed other things to me before, and if this is the case, I am sure He will reveal the answer I seek.  But I thought this worth discussing, as I know that many Christians ponder this.

Kind regards and love to you all,

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30 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I don’t have a clear opinion on whether we are moving towards nudism under divine guidance. But I do think that we need to stop viewing nudity as always sexual. Nudity IS sexual in intimate encounters with your spouse and it is wonderful. But considering nudity to always be sexual is (in my opinion) one of Satan’s lies. Children of nudist families have healthier body images. So do the adults. My child psychology professor (at a Christian university) said that some nudity in the home was healthy. When we treat the nude body as shameful then our kids get the idea that their own body is shameful. So maybe God does want us to stop looking at nudity as always a sexual thing.

  2. LovingMan says:

    I forgot to mention another item. There are some ancient texts that indicate that at least some of the early Christians were baptized in the nude. Disrobing was part of putting off the old man (or woman) and becoming a new man (or woman) in Christ.

    • southernmost says:

      Hi there LovingMan,

      Thank you for your replies.
      I also believe that nudity has become over-sexualised, particularly in Western cultures, as many other cultures still seem to practice it in a non-sexual way.
      Interesting what the psychologist said too, I don't think many Christian institutions support such a view.
      But yes, we must try and promote something more positive when it comes to our nudity, as I feel that many man-made teachings have brought us into continual shame.

      Go in peace!

  3. Waiting Hardly says:

    I am so thrilled to see your post! For a few years now in my study of the Scriptures, the Lord has really lead me to some of the same conclusions. The fact that when God wanted things to be perfect and exactly in accordance with his will, he created us naked and unashamed. Shame with something that mankind brought on ourselves because of our sin. God never said that part of the curse was that we had to wear clothes. He did cloth them with animal skins, but that was to show them that someone innocent had to die as a result of their sin, a much deeper lesson than us needing to wear clothing. On the cross, Jesus bore our shame and we are now in a restored relationship with God. Due to the restoration by Jesus, who is called in the New Testament the second Adam, we can once again be before him naked and unashamed. I wouldn’t even mind going to a worship service where everything was totally non-sexual, but where everyone was worshiping God the way he originally intended to be worshiped – Naked and unashamed. I truly believe that the Holy Spirit is not revealing something new, but rather taking us into the depths of what was already revealed in scripture. One thing that I know for sure is that the pornographic mindset and the prudish mindset are twin sisters and neither of them is a good thing. Thank you so much for starting this discussion.

    • southernmost says:

      Hi there Waiting Hardly,

      Many thanks for your reply.

      It's good to know there are others wondering the same thing.
      You're very right when you say that pornographic and prudish minds are one in the same, and I would argue that being a prude can very easily turn everything into a sexual object just as badly as the pornographic mind.

      We must keep a balance between the sexual side of nudity and the non-sexual. Either extreme is bad. But I am glad we're talking about these topics as Christians, instead of sweeping it under the rug.

      Go well!

  4. hornyGG says:

    My husband Ben and I are nudist and we love it. We decided to live the nude life shortly after becoming empty nesters.
    Like someone previously stated, being a nudist isn't about sex. To us it is being free to live the way God had originally intended.
    We are both comfortable in our skin and do plan to visit a nude beach resort or clothing optional hotel one day in the near future.
    We raised our children to be comfortable with their nudity and to take pride in how they look.
    We as Christians need to put aside whatever shame we feel about nudity and love the body that God has given us.
    Just my quick thoughts on the matter. God bless and stay horny
    ❤❤❤ GG

    • southernmost says:

      Hi hornyGG,

      Thanks for the lovely reply.

      It's always good to hear from an active nudist about what they have to say. Please write a post if you do visit a nude beach/resort.

      No need to tell me to stay horny ;).

      Kind regards.

    • Chloe says:

      Hey GG, what do your grown kids think about their new nudist parents? Do you still go nude when they're around? (I think it would be great if you did) Do they join you in all their glory? From what I've read on MH in the past from your daughter Alicia, she'd be a definite nudist too, I think. 😊 Speaking of Alicia, how is she doing? Haven't seen her on MH for ages! Hope all is well! Anyway, all you nudists have been a real encouragement and blessing to me. Big virtual hugs to you all! 😘

    • hornyGG says:

      Hey Chloe!
      Yeah, our kids know about our nudist lifestyle and are ok with it. Alicia and, believe it or not, our son Randy think it is awesome. Our daughter Kristie doesn't care one way or another. Alicia is doing great. She and her husband Trey are currently trying to have another baby. She miscarried the last time. It took Alicia a while to get over that, which kinda concerns me.
      She still checks out MH occassionally under my sign in. Her password doesn't seem to work anymore which is why she doesn't post. But she is fine with it.
      I agree that Alicia would probably be a nudist herself, but her husband Trey isn't fond of the idea since they have a little one running around.
      Our son Randy sleeps in the nude now like his father, so he could probably easily become a nudist one day. He is supposed to get a new roommate here soon, so who knows.
      Yes, Ben and I are comfortable being naked around them. We used to always dress when they would come over, but now we don't worry about it. We do however dress when our granddaughter comes to visit. Ben isn't comfortable about going nude in front of her just yet.
      Anyway, thanks for asking! I will tell Alicia you asked about her. God Bless and stay horny sweetheart!
      ❤❤💋 GG

    • Alicia G. M. says:

      Chloe, Mom,
      My log in is working fine now!
      Chloe, how ya been girl? Like mom said I am doing great. You got any stories here somewhere? Would love to read them. Later, girl!
      Mom, if you read this before you hear from me, I will call you tomorrow! Love you.

  5. Stag-on-a-hill says:

    Thanks for posting. I have a post coming up on nudity and overcoming body shame. I think non-sexual social nudity is important. Not sure God is leading us there but I do think some parts of western culture have been too prudish on this and I wonder whether this is part of the reason pornography has exploded. I don’t support porn but I do think there is a human need to see nude bodies in a healthy context. I think we were created to enjoy the bodies of the opposite sex, in a healthy way. Lots more to say

    • southernmost says:

      Hi Stag-on-a-hill,

      I agree that there is a need to see nudity, and clothing can enhance this need to the point we express it in the wrong way. I don't think all porn is bad, I see it as a neutral thing which can be used in the right or wrong way, but I do think that the world is relying on porn for things that they should be able to experience elsewhere in a healthier way.

      Go well.

  6. King Arthur says:

    Good questions and thoughts. While my denomination, and family, would not embrace the nudist lifestyle, I would be amiss to say that I would not be visibly aroused if I were to attend a nudist camp or event. What do you do about those people? (Men and Women)

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      In my experience, that arousal lasts about 10-15 minutes. The fact that everyone else is naked and just going about life takes away the mystique of the forbidden. People are just open and real, without clothing to show off. It’s a great equalizer. If clothing draws attention to the fashion designer, then nudity draws attention to the designer of our body.

    • southernmost says:

      Ahh, King Arthur,

      You've asked a question I've also wondered.

      Nudism as I'm told promotes nudity amongst people in a non-sexual way. However, many nudist areas do acknowledge that some people will be aroused and usually ask those people to use something like a towel to hide their arousal and not make a big deal of it.
      I would also be aroused around naked people and it's made me wonder this: do we not go against God's design when we make things 100% non-sexual? Of course I don't believe we should engage in any sexual activity with anyone except our spouse, but I speak more of our mindset. I think God made us to be aroused by the body and other visuals and senses and I often wonder if there is a place for admiring someone in a sexual way? Because there are some people who will turn us on. We know that lust deals with the desire for someone such that you want to take them for yourself, so I'm not talking about lust. I'm talking about recognizing the sexual part of nudity which I believe is present, even in non-western cultures.
      I will say, however, people prone to sexual sin might want to avoid nude gatherings for this very reason.

      Just my thoughts on it.

      Go in peace.

  7. 1blessedman says:

    The first thing I would like to offer is that revelations to mankind that are reconciliatory in nature ceased in the first century. Paul indicates this at 1 Corinthians 2:10. Paul uses an aorist verb when he writes "revealed". And, then in verse 12 Paul writes of "what has been freely given to us". The aorist tense of the verb in verse 10 is a simple past tense verb that is punctiliar in nature. It simply happened once and there is no ongoing actions expressed in the perfect tense of a verb. In verse 12, the verb there is 1st aorist passive participle. Since it is a past participle the correct translation is "has been given". So, if reconciliatory revelation has already been given to us, then there is no need for revelations beyond what God has already given us. He may, from time-to-time, circumstantially illuminate what He has already given to us, but nothing new for us such that we might be blessed into a reconciled state or status. Holy Spirit is not ushering us into anything not previously revealed.
    What is interesting about man/woman in the garden of eden is that those two humans thought that they were intelligent enough to make decisions that only God was to make and He had already said to NOT touch the tree. Then in their pitiful wisdom moment they decided to clothe their nakedness with fig leaves. Have you ever wondered how long it takes fig leaves to dry, wither and shrink? Once they did, Adam and Eve were ultimately exposed once again? One bad decision after another. Their original nakedness was very good according to the Creator. It was Adam and Eve that thought covering themselves would somehow cover their sin. They decided that their nakedness should be covered. So, God covered them with an enduring cover. As was stated by another contributor, that covering foreshadowed what it would ultimately take to completely remove mankind's guilt. There are other times when God allowed man to write the rules but then forced man to play by his (man's) own silly rules.
    Since covetousness is a sin, a broad spectrum of nudity is unlikely to work for all people. Those of us that believe we can handle nudity without coveting another's spouse view it as beautiful and a wonderment of God. Those horn-dogs who only seek to satisfy their flesh at every turn would be drawn to sin in a greater way; therefore, we can not have broad spectrum nudity due to their lack of maturity. We are not allowed back into the original garden of eden because of the immature selfish action taken by the inhabitants.
    There have been various discussions on MH about serendipitous sexual encounters versus married couples planning a monogamous adult style "sleep over". I have been there and done that. Spouse only-friends first kind of hang out whereby sex was enjoyed by married couples in a voyeur/exhibition opportunity. Once you expose what is under the clothing, some people can not get past their own desire to have what is not theirs by covenant relationship. And, when you add in the sexual delight, some might be even more compelled. When one's kibbles and bits are fully exposed there is much to be drawn to. I never wanted to get busy with any of the other wives of the couples with whom we hung out. In any scenario, a person can let their mind run freely. Panty lines through a clingy cotton dress. Nipples on a cold day and through a sweater. A man in uniform. A man whose stuff anatomically hangs a little more forward thus bulging more than others (that is my anatomy) through his thin tailored Sunday dress pants. It doesn't take nudity. Folks can take a view and run with it in their own mind as far as they like. That said, nudity in of itself reveals more to covet. I, myself, like the nude idea…secluded hotel, beach, etc, that has safeguards against the perverts and protections for the unsuspecting and not-yet-understanding young people. I am okay with mature adults having their adult friend time that is monogamous where sexual maturity abounds. Unfortunately, in our sinful world of satisfying the flesh in ways that are not covenant relationship specific, we find ourselves applying our own versions of fig leaves.

    • southernmost says:

      Hi there 1blessedman,

      Thank you for your detailed reply.

      I was not in any way stating that this is a new revelation from God. What I was asking was based on the fact that I keep noticing a recurring pattern amongst Christians today and Christians from the past when it comes to nudity, and so I wondered if this was the Holy Spirit at work revealing things that have been obscured by man's teachings.

      I believe that what you said about nudity revealing more to covet depends entirely on the person in question. For some people, like you've said, it doesn't take nudity at all. Sometimes, revealing clothes do more damage than plain nudity, albeit the nude form can be arousing. Because clothes incite a wondering mind while nudity leaves nothing to the imagination. Either way, it's what we do with arousal that counts, and people should be taught that. Jesus defined lust and adultery, and looking at nude people and being turned on does not qualify as either I believe. But when you meditate on those feelings and thoughts, such that you scheme to get that thing in your life when you know you shouldn't, that's the error. David's error was not being aroused by Bathsheba, but I think it was sending for her as a result of his arousal.

      Self-control must be taught as we who believe should be marked by our self-control.

      Kind regards.

  8. SecondMarge says:

    I find it difficult to imagine anyone thinks a Christian couple alone in their home cannot live as nudists.
    My guess is if they have children or have other couples over and are nude, some hard-liners may think they should object.
    I admit I thought going nude around my teen son might be an issue. But after an initial awkward couple days, we both adjusted. Now even I act like an adult.
    I can not imagine being nude around other couples and it not putting some sexual tingle in the air. But I also think adults can handle that as well as dressed people. Someone described different clothing that might make someone have sexual thoughts. I don’t consider this lust, just appreciating beauty.

    • southernmost says:

      Hi SecondMarge,

      Thank you for your reply.

      I think some people struggle with the nudist way of life (even at home) because of incorrect teachings which bring shame.

      I'm with you on the appreciating beauty part of things. There's a different between appreciating beauty and desiring that beauty for oneself – the latter being lust. I don't think we should remove the sexual component all-together as I've mentioned above somewhere, that to me feels unnatural. I think it's better to realise a sexual attraction if it occurs and then deal with it in an appropriate way.

      Way to go introducing nudity within your own family!

      Kind regards.

    • TexasWife says:

      I love being naked. We recently went to a nude beach! It was incredible! Also have been skinny dipping with a couple we are close to. Nothing wrong with being naked with others!

  9. Alicia G. M. says:

    I love being naked! My parents are nudist. I have absolutely no problem being naked around others either. Nudity or seeing others in the nude is not a sin. Maybe one day I can talk my husband Trey into us becoming nudist. Keep writing!

    • Chloe says:

      Hi Alicia! Great to see you back on MH! Love reading your comments too! Will we be blessed with some hot stories from you? Hope so. Awesome that you love being naked too and don't care who sees you! Does that mean male and female alike? Brother and dad? I agree with you completely that there is nothing sinful about being seen naked so kudos to you for being completely comfortable with it. Having not been raised that way (see my other post) it has taken my hubby a long time to get my confidence up. I am a work in progress. And while my hubby has gotten me to love being naked…I still don't want to be around any mirrors while in my naked form. SOOO…being seen naked by others would be a BIG step for me!! Being naked outside is another treat altogether…and skinny dipping is fantastic!! Love both! My husband and I love hot tubbing nude as well (oh, and sex outdoors is super fun too!) . Anyway, I really hope to see a sex and/or masturbation story from you in the near future.

  10. Waiting Hardly says:

    Studies have shown that adults raise in families where wholesome nudity was practiced in the home have no desire to get into internet pornography. They feel like “why would I go online to see naked people?”. When nudity is normalized, then sexual attraction is tied to depth of relationship and flows from that rather than visual stimulation. Isn’t that what we want? My parents used to let us be naked in private or on our back wooded acreage where others would not see us and be shocked. We even had “birthday suit breakfast” on Saturday mornings. We didn’t tie it to sexuality at all, and I really think adolescence was less traumatic because we had seen our siblings go through various stages before us (11 kids). All in all a healthy childhood (the poison oak incident).

    • PatientPassion says:

      I didn't feel like I had any unique perspective to add to this discussion, but I really wanted to comment on what you said here, Waiting Hardly: "When nudity is normalized, then sexual attraction is tied to depth of relationship and flows from that rather than visual stimulation." So well said! Of course, there will always be exceptions, but I think this is a really important general rule. I think this also would have helped me avoid my run-in with porn as a young teen. It happened largely because teen hormones made me curious what women looked like without clothes, which wouldn't have been a temptation if I hadn't been kept totally in the dark about that.

      My overall opinion would mostly echo what others have said already: God created us naked and included that in what was called "very good" (Genesis 1:31). Presumably, Adam, Eve and their children would have stayed naked and seen each other that way if not for the fall. I don't see any reason why nudity in the family or among close friends would be a problem (unless someone has unresolved issues that would be exacerbated). I'm honestly curious about trying this when my future wife and I raise a family. Maybe not full-time nudity (or maybe so, haha), but at least being casual about it, to where it's perfectly normal to talk with someone face to face as they take a shower or change clothes.

  11. Tulsa says:

    We are friends with a couple, and they enjoy nudism, however, it was something they started after they became empty-nesters. They like nude beaches, and generally are nude around their home.
    We gave it a try with them, out in our back yard, after much discussion about it all.
    Well, seems I have little control, and I almost immediately popped a boner. And, as usual, it was no time at all until I had not just a boner, but a drooling boner!

    • TexasWife says:

      My hubby and my friends hubby can relate to that situation.. Ha! Natural reaction though. We were all mature about it.

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