Balcony Bliss


I lay in bed listening to the surf pounding on the beach reflecting on, what had been, a remarkable day.

We have been married for over 35 years and I have a truly wonderful lady as my wife.  Godly and beautiful. Even as she approaches her 60th birthday she still has a fantastic figure, a little more curvy but all the better for that.  Each year we have endeavored to take a break around our anniversary.  This year we had decided to get some autumn sun and had traveled to the Canaries for a long weekend.

The day had started with my wife taking longer than usual to get dressed allowing me a lot of time to admire her naked body.  She had, I now realized, deliberately bent over giving me a lovely view of her behind and her lips peeking through her legs.  By the time we were ready to go down to breakfast I was more than a little hot and bothered.

By the pool, we had claimed sunbeds and were enjoying watching those around us soaking up the rays.  Then came the first major shock of the day.  My wife sat up and untied her bikini top removing it leaving her breasts exposed for all to see.  Topless sunbathing is nothing unusual in Europe but never before had she found the courage to participate.

She took a long time rubbing sun cream onto her front taking particular care to massage it well into her boobs.  All the attention left her nipples standing proud.  She looked over at me with a smile and asked me to apply cream to her back if I was able!  It was a task I fully enjoyed although by the time I had finished I certainly needed to lay down on my front. to allow visible excitement to reduce before I could go to the pool to cool off.

After a little while, she got up and walked over to the pool for a swim.  I was aware, with a sense of pride, of all the eyes following her as she made her way to the poolside.  I made a dash for it knowing that I needed to cool down in more ways than one.  Once in the pool she swam over to me and putting her arms and legs around me and she gave me a deep kiss while rubbing her pussy against my hard-on.  As she broke the kiss she whispered in my ear that there were more surprises to come.

For the rest of the day, she continued to tease me but forbade me any form of release constantly telling me to wait until the evening.

When we got ready for supper that night she got changed in the bathroom denying me any view of what she was, or was not, wearing until she came out.  What a surprise I got as she walked through the door.  She had on one of her shortest skirts.  I always loved it when she showed her legs off as she has a fantastic pair of shapely legs.  Above the skirt was a sheer black blouse with nothing underneath.  While it was fairly thick material with the light behind her the shape of her breasts topped with their erect nipples was clear to see.  Her nipples made little points in the front of the blouse.  All together the image I was presented with took my breath away and gave me an instant hard-on.

She came across the room to me and pulled me into a hot embrace.  Reaching down between us she gave my erection a squeeze and a rub before dropping to her knees in front of me.  She pulled down my zipper reached in and pulled me out and proceeded to slide her lips over me –

moving up and down as she gave me a rare blow job.  I was really getting into it when she stopped, stood up, and told me it was time for dinner and walked out the door.

Having been left hanging I was feeling more than a little frustrated as we sat down at our table.  My wife had asked to be seated by a window where the setting sun was behind and to her side highlighting her braless state for all to see.

Partway through the meal as we waited for our desserts to be brought, she reached under the table and a moment later brought out a glistening wet finger which she offered to me to suck.  As she did, she whispered that she wanted me to taste how wet she had become sitting there with no bra or knickers on knowing that people could see both her tits and her pussy.  By now I was beginning to question what had happened to my normally conservative wife.  Not that I was complaining just wondering what might come next.

I did not have to wait long to find out.  After we had finished the meal, she was keen to have a drink before heading to our room.  We moved into the bar area and sat at a table waiting to be served.  As a waiter headed towards us my wife deliberately opened her legs giving him, and me, a view straight up to her, now shaved, pussy.  The waiter almost tripped in surprise but managed to take our order and to serve it without any accident.  Once he had left us alone my wife reached across and pulled my hand to her crotch rubbing my finger up against her hot, wet lips.  She let out a moan as my finger nudged against her hard little clit.  We quickly finished our drinks and headed towards our room.

Once the door closed behind us, I pulled her into a tight hug kissing her passionately and feeling her breasts through the material of her blouse.  Taking me by the hand she led me to our balcony which overlooked both the sea and the hotel gardens.

She moved to the edge and I closed in behind her.  Reaching around and continuing to play with her tits and hard nipples.  She pressed her butt into my hard-on and rubbed it around in circles which significantly increased my excitement.

I don’t remember ever being as hard as I was at that moment.  She reached behind and pulled down my zipper releasing my hard cock from its confines.  After a few strokes, she pulled up her skirt in behind, opened her legs and allowed me to slide forwards into her soaking wet, hot little pussy.

We could hear people walking in the gardens below as we began to move together.  My cock slipped in and out of her wet little hole.  Her moans were getting louder as I continued to fuck her and play with her nipples.  I could feel her climax building and started to pinch and pull on her nipples knowing that this would be sure to send her over the edge.  With a final groan, I felt her muscles clench around me as she came.  The feeling was enough to push me over the edge and my orgasm erupted over me.  I could feel wave after wave of cum fill her insides.

As I slipped out of her she turned to me kissed me and with a smile whispered how much she had enjoyed her day.  With that, she headed to bed leaving me to puzzle what had come over her and to wonder whether tomorrow would hold more of the same.


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  1. Hothubby says:

    Holy jumpin’—or should I say, holy jackin’! That sure gave me something to do with my morning wood. I was lazily fondling it when I had this “stroke” of genius to log on to MH with my phone.
    My sexy babe came out of the shower to be greeted by me working my pole that by now was glistening with pre-cum. I told her what was up and suggested she get on board, so to speak. I handed her the phone as she spread her legs over my face. While she read, I tongued fucked her delicious pussy and nibbled her swelling clit. Then I slipped[…]two fingers in her gash while my tongue returned to her now hard clit. I love feeling my fingers deep in her twat, and I twiddled them in there, finding her g-spot in time to pull a crashing cum from her.
    As soon as she recovered, she slid down and enveloped my pole with her dripping cunt and brought me off cowgirl-style as I mauled her tits.
    So, thank you, Reprowland! And your sexy wife! for a wicked-hot story that made our morning.
    Nothing like sharing the grace of hot married sex on the day the Lord made—and saw that everything was good!

    [From MH: HotHubby, we really think you should consider submitting a story. But do please make comments them in keeping with the "ratings" (or lack thereof)of the original story. Your short little vignette is well written and very descriptive. If you added about 50 words to the unedited version of this comment (which we can send you if needed), it would qualify for publication.]

  2. hornyGG says:

    Wow! This story was HOT!
    The thrill of possibly getting caught is so exciting. Reading this I could just picture Ben and I in your place. Me leaning over with my skirt lifted and Ben fucking me from behind as we hear people talking and moving about below us. Really made my pussy wet! Thank you so much Reprowland for sharing this.
    Also Hothubby, please write a story! Your comment was so hot! Between the story and your comment I had to jill off.
    Stay Horny!
    ❤❤❤❤ GG

  3. 1blessedman says:

    Loved the brief bj that was interrupted by dinner. Loved how your wife left you hanging. "Edging" is very erotic sexual fun. Your wife's prolonged sexual build-up was masterful! That girl's got some skills!

  4. Alicia G. M. says:

    Hot story about a really hot experience. Loved it! Your wife really loves you in doing this. Having sex in a public area like that, with the risk of getting caught sounds so exciting. Would have loved to been a fly on that balcony! Thanks for sharing!

  5. TexasWife says:

    Btw this is a really hot story! We went out of town last fall and had a balcony and I let my hubby take me out on the balcony as the sun was setting. It was so exciting knowing we could have been seen!

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