Couple of Frothy Pints (L)

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My wife and I had planned on having more one-night getaways this year. We started off great with an unbelievable night at the beginning of February. To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we made great use of our time at a local hotel room, including the sturdy coffee table that produced such a hot time I wished I had a video of it. The next planned night would have been in April for my birthday. 

Of course by the time April came, we were into the Covid lockdown, and while we could still get a room, we felt it best to stay at home. We thought about it again in late May when restrictions lightened a little bit, but quarantine-related family issues made us hold off.

Finally, in June, we began planning again. Assessing my wife’s work schedule and other factors, we settled on a date. On the Saturday we planned to escape our house, we began our packing—mostly lingerie and toys, including our under mattress restraint kit.

We had talked up some of our plans for how we would make use of our quick tryst. She had done some online shopping earlier in the year for playtime-related things. Some of them I had seen already, but she kept hinting about one that I hadn’t. We continued our teasing and playing as we finished getting ready. 

Once in the room, we got the restraint kit under the mattress. If you’re not familiar with these, it is four adjustable straps connected together. You lay them under the mattress and run each strap to a corner of the bed. The straps have a ring on each end to connect to the four soft Velcro cuffs. The main reason for bringing it was that my wife wanted to “return the favor” for what I did to her on our earlier getaway. I tied her up, blindfolded her, and then had her guess which toys I was using on her. Now it was going to be my turn. 

Upon returning to our room after dinner, my wife stripped me down and stretched me out on the bed, securing each of my extremities with the cuffs. She then positioned the blindfold and made sure it was doing its job. Leaving me there, she went to get herself ready, gathering the toy bag and undressing, I assumed. 

When she climbed back onto the bed,  the game commenced. My wife teased me with everything from feathers and makeup brushes to vibrators. I was not as successful at guessing the toys as she was months earlier, but that just made her tease me longer, so I didn’t mind. As she moved around my bound body, I could feel fabric and realized she was wearing something that I could not identify. When I inquired, I got only playful silence. 

She continued the game a little longer, but began to be less interested in having me guess and more into pleasuring me and enjoying my responses to her actions, which now included not just the toys but also her hands and mouth. As much as I wanted to get my hands on her body, the thrill of straining against my bonds added greatly to my excitement. 

I was also nearly dying of curiosity over what she was wearing. As if sensing my desire, she lifted her mouth off of my hard cock and reached up and removed my blindfold. As soon as I could see, she rose up onto her knees so I could view her surprise. 

There she was, kneeling above me in what I would describe as a VERY skimpy, sexy barmaid outfit. (Think of the St. Pauli Girl beer logo but with a LOT less material.)  My eyes worked their way up her body, starting with the incredibly short, dark red skirt with a white lacy hem. When I say short, I mean skimpy short. It didn’t even come below her butt cheeks. I followed the brown suspenders over her bare tummy to her bountiful boobs clothed lightly in a scanty white peasant blouse-type of top. It was just wide enough to cover them and sheer enough to see her large hard nipples. It had off the shoulder sleeves about as short as the rest of the top. 

I was awestruck. She continued to tease and please me as my gaze fixed on taking in the sight of her in this outfit. We have had a lot of fun with sexy lingerie over our 30 years of marriage, and we’ve even had a little fun with other “dress up” activities, but none of that matched the way I was feeling about her in this costume. Part of the difference was that she picked this out and bought it herself. The vast majority of the lingerie she has I picked out and bought, so the fact that she saw this and thought, “My husband would like to see me in that,” was an added turn on.

There was still something more to what I was feeling. I’ve seen her in a plethora of sexy lingerie, but this was beyond sexy.  She has numerous sets that are downright naughty, but this was beyond naughty. This screamed, “I’m here only to be taken by you, to be used by you, to be fucked by you any way you please.”  The only word I could come up with that fit was one I had never used for my wife before. This was slutty!  And it was HOT! I was burning with the desire to act on that. 

When she finally released me from my bonds, I became the aggressor. I grabbed her and kissed her hard, fondled her tits, and squeezed her butt, all very forcefully. Then I took the cuffs and put them on her wrists and led her off the bed. I told her to kneel at one side with her back to the bed, and having a pretty good idea what was coming, she complied.

I grabbed the under-mattress straps from the other side of the bed and lengthened them as far as they could go and then pulled them across the bed to the side she was on. After clipping her cuffs to the straps, I tightened them so that her arms stretched out with her wrists against the mattress. Because of the typical hotel box frame under the bed, her feet couldn’t go very far under the mattress. When she knelt upright, her arms were pulled back a bit, causing those big tits to thrust out.

As I usually do, I checked with her to be certain she was good with all this. She responded positively, but the look on her face gave me the answer I hoped for even before she spoke. 

I stood in front of my little vixen, now totally at my mercy. With her short sassy hair all tousled, her big soulful eyes looked up at me longingly. My cock stood hard and right in front of her but just out of reach of her mouth. I stroked it for a little bit and watched her gaze longingly at it. I’d move a little closer, and she’d strain against her bonds, but I wouldn’t let her get it yet. I wanted her to be hungry for it, starving, drooling for it. I wanted to see in her eyes how much she wanted this dick. When I saw that, I moved closer and held it for her to lick.

This just made her more hungry for it. She got a little more—just the head in her mouth and then back out. She whimpered, and I stroked it some more. She began to beg me to give it to her.

Back to her mouth, another lick, more sucking the head, and then I pushed in farther. She moaned with delight. I slid in and out for a bit and then pushed all the way in until my balls pressed against her chin. 

Now it was time.  I began thrusting harder and faster into her mouth, and she took it all. I grabbed her hair as I pumped, and she continued to moan in delight.

I took my cock out and slapped her cheek with it, then stroked it in her face some more. This caused her to stick her tongue out to try and reach it, so I whacked it on her tongue for a while. Then I shoved it back in her mouth and pumped some more. This was no sexy, slow, beautiful blowjob like she so wonderfully and often gives me. I was fucking her mouth like the slut she was dressed as begged for. 

I continued this for a while, alternating from the face fucking to the teasing, dick slapping, stroking, and back again. I began to feel my cumload build, and I knew I had a decision to make. As much as I love cumming in her mouth, and as good as she is at swallowing, I felt this called for something different.

“I’m gonna shoot my cum all over you,” I told her as I pulled out and stroked my hard wet cock in her face. 

“Yes, YES!” she cried out. “Give me your cum! Pleeease cum all over me!” My wife strained against her straps again to get closer to me. She held her mouth open with her tongue out as I stroked my shaft harder and faster, occasionally slapping it on her tongue. The cum exploded from my tip, hitting her on the cheek, a little landing on her tongue, and then streams of it spewing across her chest. I pumped out as much as I could and then let her suck on the tip to get any more that she could. 

I stood back and took in the awesome sight of my cum-covered wife; it ran all down her chest and onto her barely covered tits. My phone was on the other side of the bed, so I grabbed hers and took a couple of pictures: one full shot so I could clearly see the whole costume, the position, and the restraints, and another one a little closer to see the results and the satisfied smile on her face. Then I untied her. We kissed deeply and headed to the shower to clean up. 

I had not given any thought to writing up this encounter until a little while ago when she sent me those pictures while she was at work. I had forgotten that I took them with her phone and had never actually seen them. I got instantly hard, and all the excitement of that night came rushing back, so I felt I had to share. Hope you enjoyed it. 

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21 replies
  1. TLC2383 says:

    Very hot story! I love covering my wife's face and boobs in my cum. It's even more enjoyable when she asks for it like your wife did! It's awesome you took pictures to remember the evening by.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thank you for your comment. Indeed it is enjoyable, in fact it just happened again this morning in the shower. ☺️

  2. hornyGG says:

    So hot and so fun! Gonna have to get me one of those bar maid outfits and play it out with my husband Ben. Been wanting to restrain him. Thanks so much for sharing and stay horny darlin!

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thanks GG! It’s an honor to have given you some inspiration for a change. It’s usually the other way around. We’ve had a lot of fun with the restraints. Usually she prefers to be the restrainee, but primarily because she has said she doesn’t feel like she can keep it going for long and gives in and releases me. The guessing game I think gave her something to focus on accomplishing and helped prolong it.
      Maybe she’ll chime in on where she bought the outfit.
      And staying horny is no problem with my wonderful wife around. 😉

  3. HuskyKitty says:

    This is an awesome story, @StillLikeNewlyWeds… I was wondering and waiting for your next story! This one is smoking hot. I too enjoy giving my wife a playful “slap-around” with my cock when she sucks me off. It makes her giggle and moan too. That was probably my favorite part of the story! So much detail…REALLY hot. Playing dress up is something we’re trying to get into more and your story definitely pushed my motivation a ton! Your story made me rock-solid, as always. Stay horny. 🔥

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      So glad you enjoyed it HK. It was indeed an awesome time. We have done a little “dress up” play before, but this was the first time we hadn’t planned it together. That made it extra special.
      Thanks again for reading.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Thanks Tulsa. I have been a big fan of my wife’s big tits from day one, but we have both enjoyed me cumming on them much more of late, which has led to it becoming a more frequent occurrence 😀.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      It is an extraordinary thing, isn’t it. My wife didn’t really get it for a while, although she allowed it. But after talking about it and trying to explain the appeal to me, she is more excited about it and often asks for it. It’s partly the territory marking, but also more. I think that, in the male mind, cumming is the ultimate physical expression of our desire. Cumming on her in different places (bodily, not locales 😉) is an expression of the intensity of my desire for that body part. I think telling her that made her feel more desired (always a good thing) through the act. Plus it’s HOT and FUN!

    • Tulsa says:

      I never thought of it as marking my territory, but I suppose, that's a possibility.
      I just love the visual. Her tits or pussy dripping or splattered with cum, what is hotter than that?

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      It does seem that they were made to be inviting😉. Frosting on the cake, as we like to say.

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