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Is Donating Sperm a Sin?

I don’t know if this is the place to post something like this, but as you know, I’m a college student and I just applied to be a sperm donor with a friend of mine, (she’s donating her eggs). Our college is not too far from the clinic, and she told me all about it. […]

Should Christians Listen to Explicit Secular Music

I was listening to a song recently when I remembered that a few months back—during the super bowl halftime show with Shakira and JLo—many people, including conservative Christians, complained that it was too sexual. I also recalled that someone here asked if it was okay to watch erotic videos, and the answers given varied a […]

🔊 Just Eat Me Out (L)

Marriage Heat Note:  This is a fantasy, written as if it has already happened.  It is the author’s hope for the future. This story contains strong language. (L) 🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist I was arriving home as my wife sent me a text message: “Tonight I got you, big boy “ I just can’t wait […]

How to Last Longer?

I just read a story by NewWife titled Before the Alarm. It raised some questions for me. Men, how do you last longer while pleasuring your wife’s pussy with your cock? Ladies, what does your husband do to last longer during penetration? I don’t know what NewWife’s husband does, but it seems that he has […]