Hospital Hideout ~ Sex Interrupted Series, Part 3

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Many years ago, when we were a lot younger, we were sent to a distant state for specialist surgeons to evaluate my medical problems. (I’ve had some real health challenges much of my life.) We stayed with some Christian friends who were very kind to us. They had a guest house we stayed in, so we had some real privacy.

The doctors tried some minor interventions, but the procedures failed, so the surgeons decided to operate. It was a very complex and newer type of operation.

The morning of the operation, my wife, Melodie, rolled over and woke me up by exposing just the areola and nipple of one of her beautiful breasts and saying, “Do you want some of this?”

She knows I adore her boobs! Her right nipple was already hard and ready for love! I dove right in, sucking, nibbling, tongue flicking, etc. As I loved on her nip, I maneuvered her PJ top to expand the sexy view of her right breast. Soon she completely exposed its twin, and I moved over to give that one my loving and passionate attention.

As I gave her breasts oral love, we both were peeling off each other’s pajamas. Soon we were nude, and I was lying between her legs while sucking on one nipple and gently pulling and pinching the other ripe raspberry. (Yes, her Nordic nipples look like plump ripe raspberries, and they are delicious to me!)

Then she said, “Tom, put your tongue inside of me!” This is her code phrase for her wanting to receive oral sex. So I slid down and took some long licks of her beautiful and tasty pussy. She was squirming, cooing, and thrusting her pussy up to my face.

“Yes! That feels so good! Deeper!” she said. She doesn’t always like to receive oral on/in her pussy, but when she’s in the mood, she nearly loses control. I was enjoying the fun immensely! But eventually, I slid back up to continue with her nipples.

She had grabbed her vibrator, so as I loved on her nipples, Melodie reached down to her pussy and buzzed her clit with her bullet vibe—the older kind that had a cable. When she knew her orgasm was closing in, she pleaded—or maybe demanded, “Go inside me now, Tom! Please! I’m ready now!”

Of course, I slid my body north. She tossed the vibrator aside, and SHE reached down to guide my very hard member into her anxious vagina.

Soon we were mating like rabbits! I knew that when she’s very aroused, she loves it hard and fast. We came explosively in simultaneous orgasms that felt so very important! I know we both were thinking about how this might be the swan song of our 12-year long mortal marriage, but neither mentioned it.

We lay there and held each other closely until our blood was boiling again, and we had a still lively and lovely round two—and a round three as well, I think. (This WAS many years ago, so my memory is not perfect. But this sexy event is still pretty vivid, even now almost two decades later.)

We both knew that if the surgery went well, I would still be out of commission for some time, and it did turn out to be an interruption in our frequent lovemaking. Obviously, I survived the surgery! But it did NOT go well, and it took some divine intervention to keep me alive. But I DID survive! Thank the Lord.

During the long post-surgery hospital stay those many years ago, my nurse let Melodie help me “take a shower” in my hospital room’s private bathroom, and we did way more than shower while the cardiac leads and EKG stickers were off.

The hospital room’s private bathroom had a large shower with a shower stool to sit on. It felt like we had our own sexy hospital hideout! First, Melodie undressed me; I was still pretty sore from my surgery. Then she also undressed herself. What a beautiful sight that was for me! We carefully held each other shared periodic kisses as she helped hold me up and washed my entire body. She paid tender attention to my reawakening man parts. Then we put the stool to good use; Melodie prefers to give oral with her sitting and me standing. Yes! It felt awesome.

As my wife was “helping me in the shower,” the nurse knocked and called through the locked door to make sure everything was OK. We knew she had a key, so we called back that we were fine.

We really WERE feeling fine as Melodie had given me brief oral. It felt so wonderful after no sexual contact for three weeks! Next, she leaned over the sink and showed me her sexy buns. I loved her from behind in a sort of standing “Hart and Roe” or “Buck and Doe” sex position!

We were glad the nurse didn’t open the door because I think we were in the Buck and Doe position when the knock came… but again, this was many years ago, and I was still on pain meds and recovering from major surgery, so this memory is kind of fuzzy. But it DID happen!

The next day Melodie had to fly home for work and to care for our kids, but she left me with some very sexy memories to contemplate during my long recovery in the hospital.

So the knock on the hospital room’s bathroom door was a minor interruption, but the time apart was a huge interruption. However, when I had the leads disconnected for me to shower or go to the restroom, we DID arrange to do phone sex together a few times. Melodie would use her vibrator, and I used mi mano (my hand.) That was FUN and different too.

We did the phone sex late at night so that our kids wouldn’t hear Melodie. It was different back then. There were no video calls. It was the dawning of the cell phone age, but not yet the smartphone age. Still, we found we could say some pretty sexy things to each other that turned us both on!

For instance, even after all these years, I remember the first phone sex, and Melodie saying something like this: “You are stroking my vaginal lips while you suck my nipples. It feels so good! I’m wrapping my hand around your penis, and it’s so hard! It gets bigger while I pump it. Now you are mounting me and sliding your big erection into me. It feels so GOOD!”

As she talked, she was buzzing her clitoris, rubbing her free hand all over her full and fully aroused breasts, and pinching her nipples! I was pumping my shaft and heard the husky voice that she only uses during sex, “I’m coming!”And if I remember right, we had simultaneous orgasms even though we were well over 1000 miles apart! Married sex is so much fun!

We both feel very grateful to our Heavenly Father for the continued blessings of our friendship, companionship, and the passionate sexual relationship that our marriage has been and continues to be. Without major divine intervention, I would have parted from my beautiful wife, our kids, and mortality long ago. I would have missed out on being a grandpa too! Grandparenting is awesome – even if the grandkids DO occasionally pound on our bedroom door at inopportune times.

So to all, I say: Don’t get upset over interruptions; just manage them. And… Praise the Lord and keep on loving!

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6 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    Wonderful! If you can still have fun, through illness or whatever the hurdle, fantastic! We know first hand, and much of your story sounds familiar.

    FYI, You can get caught! We did. My wife was also ‘helping me shower’ too! 😉
    Helping me cum counts, and, no big deal. I was getting clean in the process! We did make a nurse's day I’m pretty sure!

  2. SouthernHeat says:

    LovingMan, thanks so much for writing and sharing so much of your life with us. Your love is inspirational as you continue to keep the flame of intimacy alive through sickness and health, as it should be! You’ve created so many wonderful memories through the years. I remember the fun times we had trying to maneuver around his knees after surgery. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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