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Rediscovering Myself – Part 2 (L)

If you haven’t read Part 1, click here. I let him wait it out. Watching him get anxious is really cute! Throughout dinner, every ten minutes or so, he’d make a little cheeky, joking comment or two. “Was your other boyfriend here and made a mess of the bed?” or “Did you build a fort […]

Rediscovering Myself (L)

It was my day off. My beloved had gone to work, so I took the opportunity to clean the house in preparation for our next inspection, due in just a few days. Doing housework gives me some time to regather myself, collect my thoughts, and also some time to talk with God. Eventually, I finished […]

Pushing Buttons

Since being married my husband and I have always shared chores around the house, and especially since we were renting , it had to be up to par with the inspections. Well, just recently my beloved bought himself a new video game. I never was one to get into these games but he loved it. […]

Wedding Night – part 2

If you haven’t read part 1… click here  I shut the door behind me, my eyes still stuck to the floor… I didn’t want to look at my beloved looking at me. “What if he doesn’t like what he sees? And what if he does but the sex will be a letdown? What if-” My […]

Wedding Night

I’m a young woman (and yes I’m still a virgin) who’s waiting for the knight in shining armor….. but while waiting for God to put him in my life…I’ve been wondering about my life with my future husband, especially the intimacy that we will share together. So here are my thoughts put in writing! Hope […]