Pregnancy Sex
The miracle of new biological life proceeds out of the gift of marriage sex.  Pregnancy itself is a special time in life for a married couple. First, there is the pregnancy sex that gets the wife pregnant. Then there are the hormonal changes that create different reactions.
In a Marriage Heat poll, Seventy-three percent of women feeling hornier. Fifty-three percent said that “fire” was happening. Pregnancy sex wins when the pregnant woman feels horny!

Many women say their pregnancy sex as one of best sex times of their life. Read Tammy story of secret masturbation. Some women are so horny while pregnant that all they can think about is sex. Mary writes a story about her sex drive.  Today’s Parents have an article on pregnancy sex and hormones.
Sometimes one pregnancy is different from another one.  Beautiful Soul writes about Pregnant sex,

I am almost 5 months pregnant with our third child. I am not sure what’s happened with my hormones this time, but I don’t remember wanting this much sex with the other two.
We’ve been married nearly 15 years and both work very hard to look after our kids. My hubby works in another town and travels for 5 hours a day. All that travel makes for very long days and long waits for my sexy hubby to get home to his very horny pregnant wife. I send him sexy, naughty texts through the day and he returns them telling me what he’s thinking and what he wants to do to me, mostly our favorite thing of him kissing and licking me down there- he especially loves how very wet I get when I’m pregnant. We’ve been having amazing hot sex every night – sometimes one of us falls asleep while were putting the kids to bed, but either his hard penis or my wet pussy make sure we both get plenty of pleasure before the night is over.  It’s on the days when neither of us have to work the next morning that we can really enjoy each other for hours of very hot sex.

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