Stories that bring fantasy to the marriage heat while still maintaining exclusive marital faithfulness,

An erotic story for my wife

Preface - My wife and I started writing erotic stories to one another when we were first married (19…

Cheerleading Fantasy

As we prepared for our 10th reunion, I  went through some of my old stuff.  I had been on a diet recently…
kinky wish

Kinky Wish – Renewed Love

Kinky Wish - O.K. I asked my husband to make a kinky wish within reason. I thought he might want me to…

Sleeping Kiss

Deep in a dream I laid in my bed, a beautiful woman standing over me. She consumed my every thought she…

A Much Needed Tryst!

My husband and I acted out a fantasy: I arrived at a local bar dressed in my sultriest get up I could…

What I Have Been Thinking Lately

Sweetheart, I want to describe to you what has been in my thoughts lately. When I've taken you out for…
Honeymoon Fun

Honeymoon Fun -Sexy Last Day of a Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon Fun -While this is a Honeymoon story it wasn’t our first night of marriage together. We had…
Wife Masturbates


Quite frankly, I was tired and stressed out.  I love my kids, but this Friday night all I wanted to…

The Beach Head and More!

My wife (Jill) loves to go to the beach and sit on a beach chair while watching the surf as the sun sets. …

Fantasy Awakening

Tonight I can't sleep.  I see my husband of more than 15 years sleeping so peacefully next to me and…

Good Morning Sunshine

I woke up this morning and reached for you.. you were not there, so I went back to sleep and dreamt you…

The Frisking

One night I caught my wife in our bathroom looking in the mirror while getting ready for bed. She asked…