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Is it Worth it?

  Dear MH, Is it wrong that part of me doesn’t want to be married? Honestly, I feel like there is a high chance of a sexless marriage and divorce. I am reading books like “the great sex rescue.” Honestly, these books are great, but I am just more  confused about women and marriage sexuality […]

Am I Wrong? Advice Needed

I feel that in dating and courtship that the man gets mixed messages. From my experiences, it is hard and emotionally draining. The church has only told me to pursue a woman’s heart. I have tried that, but it has either led to dissatisfaction on my part or them thinking that I am a creep. […]

Boss Wife – fiction

{This is just a fantasy.} Do you ever have one of those days where your boss busts your chops? Yeah, me too! Now just imagine if your boss was your wife! I have been married to my beautiful wife for about 5 years. We both work at an IT firm. She is the Vice-president and […]

The mask I wear

Hi, everyone. This is my first post. I have been Marriage Heat stories for years. It has really opened my eyes to Christian Sexuality in marriage. My only regret is that I cannot tell anyone about this. I feel so alone. I have always been a man who avoid relationships because of the negative stereotypes […]