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Cabin Repair (3/3)

Read Cabin Repair 1,  Click Here. Read Cabin Repari 2,  Click Here. He watched her nude form…

Cabin Repair (2/3)

Read Cabin Repair Part 1, Click Here Cabin Repair Part 2 “I’m hungry,” Stanley announced. “I’ve…

Cabin Repair (1/3)

Wondering why she hadn’t learned her lesson the first time she rode up this awful road, Marie felt…
sexy dessert

Sexy Dessert

Sexy Dessert  - It hadn't taken much convincing from her husband that tonight would be a good one to…

Hospital Summer Picnic I

Running a weed eater was not how he had anticipated his day would be spent. Then again, did any day ever…
Fatihful Husband

Faithful Husband and the Private Dancer

Faithful Husband - Jeff had a dilemma.  One that most men simply would not understand or relate too,…
Hot Marriage

Hot Marriage – Getting Wet on a Rainy Day

Hot Marriage - It may have been the sound of the early morning rain cascading down onto the roof above,…

The Perfect Birthday

Birthday Sex - Lisa's birthday party had gone off without a hitch. To her husband, seeing the beautiful…

The Red Vette

Diego and Jordan had been married several months. Jordan was finding that her new husband had spontaneity…

Rekindling the Fire

Kristi stepped back, surveying the romance she had created in their spacious master bedroom. Candles…

Welcome Home, Babe

It was a warm summer day, and I was missing my husband something fierce; he had been away on a business…

By the Hour

It was Thursday evening, and Laurie and I were watching a very romantic movie. She'd snuggled close to…